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Manufacturers Recommendation

Notice To All Shisham Customers

Manufacturers Recommendation,
Published 6th June 2017

Shisham Stanley Group will not only meet all of your manufacturing needs, but also guarantee service and repair of all props and braces to ensure they are in accordance with Australian Standards AS3850-2015.

As the manufacturer, Shisham knows what is best in order to maintain the equipment to ensure the maximum service life of the prop/brace.


Shisham Manufacturers Recommendation

Shisham Stanley Group is the leading manufacturer, supplier and hire provider of push-pull panel braces in Australia.

When made, all Shisham Stanley push-pull braces are tested and rated in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3850-2015 (prefabricated Concrete Elements)

Shisham Stanley Group generally understands the conditions in which panel braces operate.  However, it cannot know how individual braces have been used or treated.

For these reasons, it is important that all Shisham prop/brace owners and users ensure that the integrity of the braces they use, is maintained correctly to ensure they are safe.


As a minimum, Shisham Stanley Group recommends that:

  1. braces be visually inspected prior to each use to identify any obvious damage, wear or warping; and

  2. a recertification process be carried out on each brace before the 10th anniversary of the date of manufacture.


The recertification process should involve brace re-testing and re-rating by an accredited tester in accordance with the requirements of the then current Australian Standard AS3850 (or replacement).

This would enable a continuation of brace compliance to AS3850 for an additional period of 5 years.


We hold no responsibility of any prop/brace that has been modified or repaired elsewhere which results in a defective item and therefore, not maintained in accordance with manufacturers recommendation.


As conditions vary and brace utilisation is different, this recommendation is a minimum and is made without any warranty or representation that brace safety is guaranteed as a result. Users of braces remain responsible for the inspection, certification and use of their braces.


All equipment shall be maintained in accordance with this manufacturer’s recommendation.  Shisham Stanley Group is not liable or responsible for any brace failure irrespective of whether this recommendation is followed.

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